Why should you sell with Ostantix Auctions

Discovering the true value of items tucked away in your home is always an exhilarating journey. Whether they’ve been concealed in closets, relegated to the cellar, or simply left to gather dust on shelves, these hidden treasures may hold more worth than you think. At Ostantix Auctions, we offer you the perfect avenue to unlock the full potential of your belongings through the exciting world of auctions. 

Our team will guide you through the entire selling process. This includes taking pictures of your item, pickup. We prioritize handling your items with extreme care, so you can expect us to be very careful with your treasure.

Send us a message via WhatsApp:

Simply send us a picture of your treasure and our team at Ostantix Auctions will provide you an estimate as soon as possible.

Come show your treasure at our Auction House

Ostantix Auction is easy to access and has multiple parking spots in the front and in the back. Our Auction is located at Torhoutsesteenweg 553, Ostend Belgium.

An expert coming to your location

We provide a service where you don’t even have to leave your house to get an estimate on your treasure. An expert from the Ostantix Auctions team will make an appointment with you to inspect and give an estimate on your treasure.