Terms and conditions


  • Ostantix Auctions BV
  • Address: Torhoutsesteenweg 553, 8400 Ostend, Belgium
  • VAT Number: BE 0795.478.687

Contact Information:

Auction Process:

  • The auction follows standard Belgian conditions for bidding auctions.


  • Payment must be made within five working days after the last auction day.
  • According to anti-money laundering laws, amounts exceeding €3,000 must be paid by check, credit card, or bank transfer to our account.

Bidding Increments:

  • Bidding increments follow the following steps:
    • 0-200 Euro: + 10 Euro
    • 200-500 Euro: + 20 Euro
    • 500-1000 Euro: + 50 Euro
    • 1000-2000 Euro: + 100 Euro
    • 2000-5000 Euro: + 200 Euro
    • 5000-10000 Euro: + 500 Euro
    • 10000-20000 Euro: + 1000 Euro
    • + 50000 Euro: + 5000 Euro
  • Deviations are only possible with approval from the auctioneer and are not disputable.

Auction Fees:

  • The auction fees are 25% of the hammer price, plus an additional fee of 0 to 5% for online bids on auction platforms.

Condition of Goods:

  • Goods are sold in their current condition at the time of allocation.

Goods Information:

  • Provided information is informative and not binding.
  • Buyers are encouraged to personally inspect the goods or request more details if anything is unclear.
  • Complaints about condition, catalog description, dating, etc., are not accepted after allocation.

Color Deviations and Lens Distortion:

  • Please consider possible visual deviations in photos.
  • Color perception is subjective and can vary.
  • Lens distortion may occur, returns based on this are not accepted.

Damaged Goods during Viewing/Auction Days:
Damage by third parties to be auctioned goods must be reported.

Damage may lead to legal action and compensation.

Collection of Goods:
Buyers are responsible for their goods after allocation.

Collection times will be announced after the auction.

Buyers must correctly identify themselves.

Bidding numbers are available shortly before the auction. – Personal information is handled discreetly and not shared.

Own Responsibility:
Buyers are expected to purchase at their own risk.

Placing a bid is binding.

Disputes will be settled by a bailiff/notary without recourse.

Resale Right:
Original art is subject to resale right if the author is either a living artist (from the EU) or within 70 years after their death, a resale right is due on the hammer price from €2,000 onwards:

  • 4% of the part of the sale price from €2,000 up to €50,000
  • 3% of the part of the sale price from €50,000.01 up to €200,000
  • 1% of the part of the sale price from €200,000.01 up to €350,000
  • 5% of the part of the sale price from €350,000.01 up to €500,000
  • 25% of the part of the sale price above €500,000

However, the maximum amount of the right may not exceed €12,500.

Even if this amount is not collected when the invoice is issued, the customer can still be obliged to pay this amount for 5 years following to comply with the resale right. All information about resale right in Belgium can be found at www.resaleright.be.

Storage Costs and Payment Methods:

  • Cash (for amounts up to €3,000)
  • By bank transfer (transfer costs are borne by the buyer) to account:

IBAN: BE98 7370 6709 9993


Beneficiary: Ostantix Auctions BV

Beneficiary address: Torhoutsesteenweg 553, 8400 Ostend, Belgium

Bank: KBC Bank

Bank address: Marktstraat 18, 8620 Nieuwpoort, Belgium

  • By card payment in the room, in the presence of the cardholder.
  • By online card payment.
    • Goods must be collected within 14 days after the auction.
    • Storage costs apply after this period.

Default Interest and Costs:
Administrative costs and default interest are applied to unpaid invoices: On invoices not paid in full within 30 calendar days from the auction date, the following default interest and costs are calculated:

On day 31: Administrative cost of 25 Euro per lot plus 1.5% of the total invoice amount.

For every 14 calendar days thereafter, an additional default interest is calculated at 1.5% of the total invoice amount.

Bidding Options:

  • Bidding can be done by phone, online, or in writing.
  • Foreign bidders must identify themselves 24 hours before the auction.


Trader Identification:
Traders must identify themselves as such upon receiving the buyer’s number.

In case of reoffer, the item will be presented again.

The reofferer is liable for any losses.

Customs Regulations:
Buyers must respect customs regulations for their country. Our auction house cannot be held responsible for any export problems.

CITES Regulation:
Buyers and sellers must be aware of CITES regulations.

Agreement to Terms:
By participating in the auction, you agree to these terms.

Right to Refuse:
The auction house reserves the right to refuse bidders or require a deposit.

Acknowledgment of Terms:
All buyers and sellers are assumed to have acknowledged these terms.

Disputes and Applicable Law:
In case of disputes, Belgian law applies, and the Court of Bruges has jurisdiction.